Sport is universal. So is climate change. That's why Connect4Climate and Fórum das Américas have joined forces to launch #Sport4Climate, a global communication initiative that showcases how sport is tackling one of Earth’s most formidable foes.

See how athletes across the world are standing up to climate change. Discover how the global sports community is coming together to raise awareness and inspire action. With many influential sports men and women committing themselves to the initiative, #Sport4Climate is set to make a real, lasting difference.

Don’t stand on the sidelines. Watch videos and see photos posted by sports stars and have your say on social media. Start networking and sharing ideas. Climate change is playing a rough game with our planet. It’s time to join together and get in the race against climate change.

The Athlete's Pledge

Sport brings people together. Played and watched by millions worldwide, it is one of the most powerful conveners for positive thought and action. As ambassadors of the global sport community, you are invited to sign up to The Athlete’s Pledge. Show the world you care about climate change and are ready to make a difference. 

Face Up to Climate Change
• I am fully aware that climate change is one of the biggest threats facing humanity
• I recognize that the effects of climate change including extreme flooding, catastrophic droughts and devastating marine pollution affects every continent and will hit the poorest people hardest, leading to even greater economic and social disparity

Take on Climate Change
• I am ready to lead by example and adopt a sustainable lifestyle
• I want to learn more about climate change and teach others how to tackle it with environmental solutions
• I will promote climate action across sport and our community
• I commit to encouraging the owners and leaders of clubs and sporting institutions to measure their carbon footprint and adopt sustainable technologies
• I will motivate policymakers to make clean energy available to all
• I promise to use the #Sport4Climate hashtag to increase the reach of  my social media efforts and to inspire my audience to take action against climate change

Messages of Support

Luis Figo, Cristian Ledesma, Dejan Stankovic, Damiano Tommasi and Paolo Cannavaro

Participants of the Match for Expo football game in Milan



Football player at CFR Cluj – Romenia

"Let's get connected 4 the same: A better tomorrow starts today!"


Gabriel Couto

Football player at Nea Salamima - Cyprus

"The health of man, your health depends on the health of the world! Embrace this cause, embrace our / your cause for a healthy planet." 


Thiago Pereira

Silver Medal, 400-meter individual medley, 2012 Summer Olympics

"We, the athletes, commit to keeping the planet healthy and sustainable."


Milla Ferreira


"It's really important that we get the message out about our planet climate situation, so that people can really engage on this cause for a better place to live. I am proud to be part of Connect4Climate and actually be the movement."


Anderson Dias

Gold Medal, football 5-a-side, 2004 Summer Paralympics

"We can feel the risks of climate change. We need to act, now."


Matheus Carvalho

Forward, Fluminense Football Club

"We can’t lose. Let’s win for the climate."


Filippe Ferreira


"Connect4Climate is an amazing project to encourage and open people's eyes about our planet's sustainability issue. I feel honored to be able to be part of this project, and to support the cause for a cleaner and healthier planet."


Cristóvão Borges

Coach, Fluminense Football Club

"We, coaches from all around the world, ask all the nations in the world to make clean energy available, because Fluminense plays clean."


Rafael Sóbis

Forward, Fluminense Football Club

"We, football players, ask all the nations in the world to make clean energy available, because Fluminense plays clean."



Goalkeeper, ACF Fiorentina

"A healthy planet is needed for a healthy sport. Join #Sport4Climate."


Guilly Brandão


"Connect4Climate is a new and inspiring light shed over our problems concerning the sustainability of a healthy and balanced life in our planet. It's important to support and help them spread the word, so in the end with a combined effort we can all make a difference."


Ian Mouro


"It would be very important to start thinking more in the future, giving a good education about how the planet is so important for each one of us. A healthy planet is a green planet."


Antonio Garnero

Brazilian Cycling Champion, 2014

Special thanks to State Park - Parque Estadual do Jaraguá

"Let's ride against climate change!"


Marcela Witt


Marcela Witt for Sport4Climate

"Sport is universal. So is climate change. Join me on the Sport4Climate campaign from Connect4Climate and Fórum das Américas and find out how athletes are helping fighting climate change!"


Novella Calligaris

Silver Medal, 400 Meter Freestyle, 1972 Summer Olympics

“Athletes warming up against global warming!”



Matteo Marenghi Vaselli

Skipper of the Melges 20, "Lucifer"

Matteo Marenghi Vaselli on the Melges 20, Lucifer. Photo: Nathalie Colloud/Melges 20 Fleet Associaton

"One winning strategy: consume less.”


Álvaro de Marichalar y Sáenz de Tejada

Record-Breaking Sportsman & Mariner

Alvaro de Marichalar

"Lost in the endless universe, there is a tiny drop of water full of life. Let's be responsible and wise enough not to destroy God's creation completely. Humanity must stop profit from being humanity's main goal."

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