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Global Citizen 2015 Earth Day LiveStream

April 18 2015

Livestream of the Global Citizen 2015 Earth Day event, April 18.


“Environmentally-friendly” can also look good

April 17 2015

A trip through the Alcantara Magic Garden reveals responsible beauty.


School kids weigh in on helping the planet

April 17 2015

School Children Visit the Alcantara Magic Garden - Connect4Climate Pavilion and Pledge to #TakeOn Climate Change


The Pavilion is Open! Connect4Climate Welcomes You to the National Mall

April 17 2015

Today the sun is shining down on the Mall in Washington, D.C. and the forecast for the next few days is stellar. We’ve missed the storm predicted to ruin our parade!


Power Up: Building Energy harnesses the sun to energize our Earth Day pavilion on the Mall

April 16 2015

Our colleagues from Building Energy, one of our partners for Global Citizen 2015 Earth Day, arrived in Washington this week, ready to build the first-ever solar field on the National Mall, the power source of our Alcantara Magic Garden-Connect4Climate Pavilion.


Entertaining Climate Action: “Chloe & Theo” Special Preview and Panel Discussion

April 13 2015

On April 15 Connect4Climate is showing a special preview of “Chloe & Theo”, and hosting a dynamic discussion to emphasize the value of the entertainment industry, in particular the film industry, to address climate change solutions.


Making the Message Count: Connecting Communications to Action on Climate Change

April 13 2015

Connect4Climate and Earth Day Network's webinar, "Let's Talk Climate," offers new ideas for our distinguished guest bloggers.


Communication for Climate Change 2.0

April 11 2015

We are bringing together a unique, multi-disciplinary group of scholars and multi-sector leaders who are experts in communicating climate change to a broad audience.


Let’s Talk Climate - eDiscussion on April 8

April 07 2015

Connect4Climate and Earth Day Network to Host eDiscussion Let’s Talk Climate: Innovative Solutions to Communicating Climate Change on Wednesday, April 8 from 11AM-12:15 EDT.


T-shirt for Climate Action Helps Victims of Cyclone Pam

March 31 2015

Sophia Walsh, co-founder of Five Boys Clothing, has roots in the Pacific. When Cyclone Pam arrived in the Pacific bringing destruction, devastation and new levels of anxiety to those that care, Sophia felt to sit by and do nothing was wrong so she decided to use her existing business as a mechanism for good.


Going Solar

March 27 2015

The Case for Photovoltaic Power in the Developing World


5 Ways to Care for the Climate and People

March 11 2015

Since 1997 ClimateCare has specialised in projects that tackle climate change and deliver sustainable development outcomes. CEO Edward Hanrahan shares his thoughts about what makes a successful climate and development programme.


Film4Climate: How is the Film Industry Taking on Climate Change?

March 03 2015

Connect4Climate partners with the Guadalajara International Film Festival (FICG 30) to co-hosts first green film forum in Mexico


Our New Partner: Orange Fiber

February 27 2015

We at Connect4Climate are very excited to announce our new partnership with Orange Fiber, an innovative and cutting-edge textile company based in Italy that makes sustainable fabric from fruit


Sprint to Climate Summit in Paris

February 24 2015

Support for cycling as a climate solution is growing around the world. Join in and make cycling a crucial part of COP21, the climate summit in Paris.


Connect4Climate Follows Up with Mants’ase Children’s Home

February 19 2015

Receiving entries from every country in Africa, Connect4Climate team members have kept in touch with many of the contest participants and winners, including Mants’ase Children’s Home in Lesotho


New report: How much heat can sport handle?

February 19 2015

The Climate Institute recently published the report “Sport & Climate Impacts: How much heat can sport handle?”


Adding Another Brick in the Great Green Wall

February 18 2015

Sahel and West Africa land actors meet at African Union for the 2nd SAWAP Conference under the BRICKS project to add another brick in the Great Green Wall


Film4Climate announced at Berlinale

February 11 2015

Organizers of the Guadalajara International Film Festival (FICG-30) announced Italy as guest of honor in 2015 as well as the Film4Climate 2-day event.


Cycling for a green planet

February 05 2015

There is plenty of evidence that shows cycling can boost fitness and health, help cut costs on gasoline and other expenses, and helps reduce pollution. All of this is true, but there is another reason cycling should be promoted— it can support the social and economic progress of less developed countries.


Student Highlights from Climate Workshop

January 29 2015

Students Yuxin Liu, Carmen Casado, Fiorella Rayme, Emile El Ghandour and Adriana Sedjeu share their thoughts on the "Youth for Climate Action - Role of Sport4Climate" Workshop held to launch Action/2015


The need to establish universal green building standards

January 27 2015

We have a narrow window of opportunity to ensure buildings are well-designed, with quality construction and optimization for energy efficiency.


Today’s Youth Tomorrow’s Big Data

January 21 2015

Nick Rojas emphasizes that youth care more than you think when it comes to climate change and how big data can help take on the challenge.


2014 is warmest on record

January 16 2015

NASA and NOAA scientists confrm that the year 2014 ranks as Earth’s warmest since 1880. There is no doubt that we must connect to take on climate change.


Youth Impress to Take On Their Future

January 15 2015

To celebrate the launch of Action/2015 at the World Bank students we invited to a workshop to discuss strategies to take on climate change. Lucia Grenna explains how change comes from the ground up, and that many of the answers will come from the young. After all, it is their future.


15 Highlights from 2014 as we Plan Climate Action in 2015

December 23 2014

Connect4Climate looks back on 15 highlights in 2014 celebrating climate action with a view of advancing the climate movement in 2015


COP20 concludes in Lima opening the doors for climate action

December 16 2014

In Lima, Connect4Climate supported several high-level sessions at COP 20. With a range of key decisions agreed and action-agendas launched, including on how to better scale up and finance adaptation, alongside actions on forests and education the world looks ahead.


An Argentinian dream arrives in Times Square

December 15 2014

Two young filmmakers from Cordoba, Argentina, won the Action4Climate competition with the short film “The Violin Player” that shows the need for climateaction. The Argentinian film director Pablo Trapero was a member of the jury that selected the animated short as the winner. It was also shown on the giant screens in New York City's Times Square.


Un sueño argentino llega a Times Square

December 15 2014

Dos jóvenes cordobeses ganaron el concurso Action4climate, organizado por el Banco Mundial, con el corto “El Violinista” que muestra algunos de los efectos del cambio climático. El director de cine argentino Pablo Trapero – miembro del jurado - elogió la animación que también se proyectó en las pantallas de Times Square, en la ciudad de Nueva York.


Mandela’s Inspiration for Climate Action

December 12 2014

It’s hard to believe that the world has been without Nelson Mandela for more than a year. We remember him for his leadership, his wisdom and his ability to bring people together. His legacy inspires me to help advance the global movement for climate action.


Falling Through The Cracks

December 10 2014

Millions forced from their homes due to the impacts of climate change have no recognition or protection


Remember Madiba

December 05 2014

As the world discusses climate change at the UNFCCC COP20 in Lima we remember Nelson Mandela for his leadership: "Let Us Stand Together to Make Our World a Sustainable Source for Our Future."


Best Films on African Screens as World Talks Climate

December 04 2014

Action4Climate films on climate change are featured for a a week across sub-Saharan Africa on AfriDocs


Youth climate change stories screening at UN climate talks

December 02 2014

Connect4Climate is traveling to Lima to bring youth climate stories to COP20 to remind decision makers that they need to be ambitious and act quickly .


Progress, One Bite at a Time

November 25 2014

Sustainable grocer Danielle Vogel on why she works towards climate change progress by supporting good food and small businesses. 


World Is Locked into ~1.5°C Warming, Action is Needed Now

November 24 2014

New "Turn Down the Heat" report explores the risks worsening climate change poses to lives and livelihoods across three regions and highlights that globally, warming of close to 1.5°C above pre-industrial times is already locked into Earth’s atmospheric system by past and predicted greenhouse gas emissions. We can act now to deal with the impacts, which will particularly affect the poor, and transition to a low carbon future by putting a robust price on carbon, phase out harmful subsidies, accelerate renewable energy and energy efficiency, implement climate-smart agriculture and build low-carbon resilient cities.


Tweet the tweets, run the marathons

November 17 2014

Sport matters to us. Most of the world passionately follows sport, whether it’s football, baseball, cycling, tennis, or the athletes competing at the Olympics. Climate change also matters to us.


Great Green Wall launches web-platform

November 13 2014

The Great Green Wall Initiative for the Sahara and Sahel (GGWSSI) – Africa’s flagship initiative in fighting poverty, climate change and natural resource degradation – has launched a dedicated online knowledge platform.


Celebrating Solutions for Climate Change

November 08 2014

Youth films and actionable solutions to climate change were celebrated at the Sustainia Awards Ceremony.


Announcing the Winning Action4Climate Films

October 30 2014

The Action4Climate jury has reached its final decision. Watch the winning films and learn more about the entries.


The Business Case for Saving the Planet

October 28 2014

Ensuring that the business case for sustainability is on the agenda in the lead up to COP21 in Paris 2015


Action4Climate films shown at Chicago International Film Festival

October 09 2014

On October 15th, get your popcorn and join Action4Climate filmmakers at the Chicago International Film Festival, where six of the Action4Climate films will be shown.


#TakeOn Climate Change to End Poverty

October 02 2014

A 15 second video emphasizing the World Bank Group's call to #TakeOn climate change to end poverty is being shown at airports around the US.


Why Climate Communication is About People

October 01 2014

Katharina Hone, Climate Change Programme Manager for DiploFoundation, explains why climate communication is about people, people, and people--and why we need more of it.


People’s Climate March Calls for Action

September 26 2014

On September 21st, from Manhattan to Melbourne, more than half a million people took to the streets to demand that world leaders make ambitious commitments to address the climate crisis. See some of the highlights


Action4Climate Films Featured in Poem That Brought World Leaders to Tears

September 26 2014

Action4Climate filmmakers contributed their footage to a moving presentation by Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner of her poem “Dear Matefele Peinam” at the opening of the UN Climate Summit, which triggered a standing ovation in the UN General Assembly.


Green vs Grey: Every City is a Living Body

September 24 2014

Connect4Climate's Ivan Bruce on why green infrastructure should be thought of as an integrated approach to city planning


UN Climate Summit: Who’s Promised What

September 23 2014

More than 100 world leaders gathered in New York on Tuesday for the U.N. Climate Summit on Tuesday. Some heads of state touted what their countries are doing to combat climate change and made promises for the future. Mashable put up a few highlights on a world map.


73 Countries, More Than 1,000 Businesses Support a Price on Carbon

September 23 2014

Carbon pricing helps lower overall emissions while giving businesses the flexibility to find their own most efficient solutions. China leads a list of 73 countries, 22 states, provinces and cities, and over 1,000 businesses and investors who signaled their support for carbon pricing ahead of the UN Climate Leadership Summit. Together, the governments represent 54 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions and 52 percent of global GDP.


Listening to Small Scale Farmers on Climate Change

September 22 2014

In this guest post, journalist Peter Kahare advocates for the voices of small scale farmers to be heard at climate talks.


Rachel Kyte at the People’s Climate March

September 21 2014

Rachel Kyte, World Bank Group Vice President and Special Envoy for Climate Change, tells the youth that this is their time for climate action.


A week of climate action in New York

September 19 2014

As UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon hosts the UN Climate Summit in New York, various groups will converge in the city to find solutions and demand action.


An unforgettable evening of sport for a great cause

September 10 2014

Connect4Climate joins football stars at the Interreligious Match for Peace, organized by Pope Francis.


Urban Carbon Cap-and-Trade Pioneer Supports the Call to Put a Price on Carbon

September 09 2014

Yoichi Masuzoe, Governor of Tokyo, explains why it is so important to put a price on carbon considering the impact climate change will have on mankind's existence.


Efficient homes are key to stopping climate change

September 05 2014

With housing contributing 27% of the UK's carbon emissions, the sector is key to stopping climate change. Find out how SuperHomes inspires efficient households.


Climate Reality launches 24 Hours of Reality: 24 Reasons for Hope

September 04 2014

Prior to the UN Climate Summit, cultural leaders will join Al Gore in a 24-hour broadcast to highlight climate solutions and encourage viewers to dedicate a day to climate action.


Guadalajara Film Festival takes climate change seriously

August 27 2014

Connect4Climate works with the the Guadalajara Film Festival (FICG) to address climate concerns in the film industry.


Top Football Stars Kick-off Interreligious Match For Peace

August 23 2014

Connect4Climate supports top football stars and Pope Francis to raise awareness on embracing peace, tackling inequality and poverty, and acting on climate change.


Twitter reactions as Years of Living Dangerously win Emmy

August 19 2014

Stong support for climate awareness and action as Showtime’s “Years Of Living Dangerously” win the top Creative Arts Emmy award, “Outstanding Documentary or Nonfiction Series”. See the response on Twitter.


Environment Academies for Climate Justice

August 19 2014

Kehkashan Basu explains how Green Hope UAE uses innovative teaching to spread climate change awareness and encourage children and youth to share their climate actions on the Tree of Hope.


There is no such thing as waste, only wasted resources

August 15 2014

Green infrastructure to help cities mitigate climate impacts and build resilience - an example from DC water where the value of wastewater is harnessed.


South America prepares for expected El Nino

August 11 2014

Emily Wilkinson describes the steps South American countries have taken to prepare for El Niño, and what still needs to be done.


World Day to Combat Desertification global observance event

August 05 2014

Summary of the 17 June UNCCD global observance of World Day to Combat Desertification (2014WDCD) at the World Bank. High-profile leaders and experts discussed the human factors fueling ecosystem degradation and solutions to desertification under the slogan "Land belongs to the future - let's climate proof it."


What’s your #Action4Climate?

August 02 2014

Share a short video explaining what you do to protect the environment and tackle climate change.


Action4Climate on Times Square

July 24 2014

Action4Climate youth documentaries are presented on Times Square, from 22 July until 29 July 2014. What's your #Action4Climate?


The Action4Climate entries are now mapped

July 18 2014

Browse climate films from around the world with our new interactive Action4Climate map!


The Fight against Desertification is Working

July 10 2014

Celebrating action to tackle desertifiaction at the World Day to Combat Desertification Global Observance Event organsied by the UN Convention to Combat Desertifiaction and hosted by the World Bank in partnership with GEF, TerrAfrica and Connect4Climate


How to build climate narratives around national identity and cultural pride

July 07 2014

A new report by the Climate Outreach and Information Network (COIN) argues that language built on people’s shared sense of national identity can create a common commitment to action, providing an important strategy for overcoming the political and attitudinal divides around climate change.


Climate change and migration in Bangladesh: Living on the go

June 26 2014

Densely populated and low-lying, Bangladesh is one of the most climate-vulnerable countries in the world. A new short film explores how people are coping with rising sea levels and erratic weather.


Low-carbon livable cities

June 11 2014

The urban environment is recognised as the space where development challenges and solutions meet.


Communicating Climate Change: Policy and Practice

June 09 2014

Participatory side-event to the UNFCCC Climate Talks in Bonn to discuss effective communication on climate change to inspiring climate action. June 11, 18:30-20:00, Metro Room.


Knowledge4Climate Action: Proceedings and Recommendations from Be The Movement, An International Workshop

June 05 2014

During the 2013 UN climate talks, Connect4Climate and the University of Warsaw co-hosted Be the Movement, a workshop to develop strategies for expanding and strengthening the global climate change movement. Knowledge4Climate Action reports the proceedings and recommendations developed by climate change activists, youth and concerned professionals.


Uniting my voice with millions to educate people on climate change

May 27 2014

Montgomery College student, Nadia Palacios realizes she can be part of the solution to the climate challenge.


Bringing climate stories to Cannes

May 16 2014

C4C is going to Cannes to announce its new competition and screen Action4Climate documentaries by youth around the world.


Innovating waste solutions, celebrating climate action: Cittadinanza in Festa 2014

May 14 2014

The three-day festival is an encouraging example of citizens coming together to take ownership of the climate challenge.


Watch Victoria’s Action4Climate story, made for her mom

May 09 2014

Victoria’s mom loves dancing, card games, singing and playing the ukulele. Without urgent climate action, her homeland, the island nation of Kiribati, will disappear in the next 30 – 50 years.


Rokia Traore becomes a Connect4Climate Global Leader

May 05 2014

At Cittadinanza in Festa, Malian music sensation Rokia Traoré was celebrated for her commitment to supporting climate change initiatives around the world.


Discussion Highlights: Innovative solutions to the world’s waste problem

May 02 2014

A 10-person expert panel participated in a lively online discussion on the Guardian Development Professionals Network delivered interesting insights into the world’s growing problem with waste.


Knocking out waste at Cittadinanza in Festa

May 01 2014

Connect4Climate joins Cittadinanzattiva (Active Citizenship) from 2-4 May for three days of inspiration and action on waste and sustainability. Special guest is world music sensation and Connect4Climate Global Leader Rokia Traoré


Waste is a growing problem. Now is the time for innovation.

April 29 2014

According to the World Bank report What a Waste, cities across the world generate approximately 1.3 billion tons of solid waste per year, and that number is expected to triple by 2100. Join us to find solutions.


Tornando o Grande Ecra Mais Verde

April 24 2014

Connect4Climate junta-se à equipa de sustentabilidade da Sony Pictures Entertainment e à Universidade Federal Fulminense no Projeto Crackle Green, para inspirar jovens cineastas


Greening the Silver Screen

April 24 2014

Connect4Climate joins Sony Pictures Entertainment's Sustainability Team, Crackle’s Cinema Green Project, Fluminense Federal University to empower young filmmakers in Brazil and worldwide.


EARTH DAY SHOUTOUT: Let’s Act on Climate Change

April 22 2014

The message is clear, from more than 230 submissions from 70 countries around the world youth are calling for climate action. See the Action4Climate trailer.


The Power of One in the Fight Against Climate Change

April 21 2014

"Climate change has never been a topic on the tongues of the students of Saudi Arabia," says Suleiman Khan, who attended the Special Preview Screening of Years of Living Dangerously. "I left the World Bank a new person. I left with a new purpose in life. I left with a cause."


Infographic: The UN Climate Solutions Report in Numbers

April 17 2014

The Situation: Greenhouse gas emissions have grown more rapidly between 2000-2010 than in any previous decade. If we want to stabilise emissions and address climate change we need strong action now.


Years of Living Dangerously Launch at World Bank

April 12 2014

A Special Preview of the documentary mini-series Years of Living Dangerously and Discussion on Climate Change was arranged by Connect4Climate. “I hope the stories here will be a wake-up call” - World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim.


Years of Living Dangerously

April 07 2014

VIP screening of Showtime’s new documentary mini-series Years of Living Dangerously and panel discussion will highlight the challenges posed by climate change. World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim will open the event, followed by a panel discussion with Climate Change Group Vice President Rachel Kyte, New York Times Columnist Thomas Friedman and leading global conservation scientist Dr. M. Sanjayan.


Close to home: subnational strategies for climate compatible development

April 04 2014

The Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN) and ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability are pleased to launch their Working Paper Close to home: Subnational strategies for climate compatible development by Barbara Anton, Ali Cambray, Mairi Dupar and Astrid Westerlind-Wigstroem with Elizabeth Gogoi.


Climate Action Now: Building Scalable Solutions

March 31 2014

We should be leaders for action on climate change, we should not have to prepare for the worst. Rachel Kyte gives her take on the latest report by the IPCC.


Action4Climate: An opportunity to inspire

March 26 2014

Connect4Climate's new intern, Carolina Forjaz Trigueiros, shares her thoughts on Action4Climate.


C4C partner 2degrees on fully-linked cooperation

March 17 2014

The 2degrees Network shows how fully-linked cooperation can help reduce carbon footprints in the private sector. Here are 8 non-technology lessons that are critical to making fully-linked collaboration work within a supply chain.


Connect4Climate Filmmakers Forum on Climate Change

March 04 2014

Influential and creative filmmakers brought together to discuss and commit to spreading awareness on climate change.


New sustainable fashion initiatives

February 20 2014

Connect4Climate and the Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea announces new sustainable fashion initiatives


Action4Climate Support Messages

February 16 2014

See what the jury of the Action4Climate Documentary Film Competition have to say about climate change and the competition. Join the movement, enter your film now!


All About Green Bonds and Climate Bonds

January 23 2014

The Sustainability Co-Op's Laurèn DeMates explains how green and climate bonds are supporting the transition to a green economy.


Climate Change in Africa

January 23 2014

Visualising A Warming World maps designed by Laura Canali are showcased in the UNESCO publication "Climate Change in Africa: A Guidebook for Journalists"


Be The Movement Videos

January 15 2014

Videos of all the great speeches and presentations from the Be The Movement Workshop.


Action4Climate: How the International Film Industry Can Contribute to Climate Change Awareness

December 23 2013

Directors Retreat Workshop at the 2014 Palm Springs International Film Festival


World Bank’s Connect4Climate helps spark new action on Climate Change

December 13 2013

More than 500 participants attended Be The Movement, a workshop co-sponsored by Connect4Climate and the University of Warsaw in parallel with COP19. The focus of the workshop, which reaches an online audience of more than 300,000, was to identify new strategies to expand action on climate change. The dominant outcome was that each person can make a difference when it comes to climate change – this was expressed through the workgroups, the diverse presentations from NGOs, private sector, and international organisations and the keynote addresses.


Be The Movement Youth Pledge

December 12 2013

Youth Pledge at the Connect4Climate Be The Movement Workshop in parallel to the UNFCCC COP19 in Warsaw