Connect4Climate is connecting to take on climate change.

Launched by the World Bank and the Italian Ministry of Environment, Connect4Climate is a global community to take on climate change, promote solutions, and empower action.

The Connect4Climate community connects over 200 partners around the world including civil society, media networks, international organizations, academic institutions, youth groups and the private sector.

With a million individuals participating on Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube, Flickr and other social media channels, Connect4Climate interacts with a global audience.

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The challenge. Our network. Your community.

Communicate change and accelerate real world solutions through partnerships, competitions, events and knowledge.


Take on climate change. Ending extreme poverty is impossible without tackling climate change. Now is the time to face the defining challenge of our generation.


Collaborate for impact. Forge creative partnerships to advance solutions and bring new audiences into the climate change movement. Share experiences and knowledge.


Communicate for action. Join an ever-growing community. Hear how others are taking on climate change and inspire by sharing your own stories. Contribute online and face-to-face to grow the climate movement.

Contribute by adding your voice to our our guest blogs, follow our team knowledge and add your climate change content to our Connect4Climate Facebook Knowledge Group and our Facebook Student Group.


Join us!

Get involved. Play your part in the global climate change movement by sharing your experiences, resources and knowledge. Have your say.

Talk to us about developing innovative campaigns that will inspire, enthuse and reach new audiences.

Go social. Contribute on our blogs and post to our Facebook page. Tweet your thoughts and ideas. Taken some good pictures or video? Upload on Instagram, Vimeo or YouTube, then tag us to let us know.








Want to become a partner? Email us: connect4climate@worldbank.org

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Page updated: December 2014




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